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How do I schedule expensive items on my insurance policy?

To get complete coverage on expensive items, such as a quality bike, watch, jewelry, or electronics, you can edit your policy from your dashboard or call us directly on 1-844-374-4120. Please remember to have your policy number handy.

Does this insurance cover the building’s insurance deductible?

Your building’s insurance deductible may be assessed to you, partially or in whole. Contact your property manager or your strata/condo board to find out what the highest deductible is on your building’s insurance policy. You should buy enough coverage to pay your building’s deductible if it is assessed to you.

How do I change my address?

Update your address by logging in to your dashboard, select the policy you would like to change and click Edit Policy.

Can I buy protection against water damage?

Water damage is automatically included in most of our insurance policies. Visit Policy Types for more information.

Can I cancel my rental property insurance policy?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Due to the nature of this insurance program, we do not offer refunds for mid-year cancellations.

Why does my rental property insurance renew on May 1st?

Leo has tailored a package of insurance coverage for rental condominium suites. As the unit owner, this package provides excellent coverage for you. We negotiate this package with our insurance companies in April each year. Therefore your insurance policy will renew on May 1st every year. Your insurance premium will be pro-rated if you buy a new policy during the year.

Can I select a different deductible on my rental property quote?

We negotiate better terms with our insurance companies in April every year. On May 1st each year our terms come into effect which cannot be changed until the following April. Therefore all of our deductibles are fixed for the current year (this only applies to rental properties).

I have a concern about my billing, who do I contact?

Please contact Leo directly on 1-844-374-4120. Please remember to have your policy number handy.