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Instant condominium insurance

Save time with tailor made insurance policies and on the spot documents from Leo.

A smart dashboard

Clear your desk of insurance paperwork and manage all of your rental condominium insurance policies on Leo Insurance. We provide an online dashboard for you to purchase, edit, view, or renew up to 1,000 insurance policies from any device. Don’t wait days for the paperwork and don’t get bogged down with accounting issues. Pay for the policy and download the insurance documents instantly.


Brilliantly Organized!

  • Leading insurance coverage and pricing
  • Locate buildings quickly on your dashboard
  • Instantly find a client’s insurance policy
  • Manage up to 1,000 policies on one account
  • No accounting errors & instant documents

Leading insurance coverage

  • General Liability
  • 12 Month Rental Income
  • Deductible Assessments
  • Contents & Upgrades
  • Property Manager Errors & Omissions
  • Competitive Pricing

Find out more about the coverage, or get in touch to set-up an account.