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Leo has simplified the complex world of condo and tenant insurance. Why? One reason is because Canadians are under-insured. It’s estimated that only 40% of condo owners and 30% of tenants have the right home insurance coverage.

We also understand that we live in a diverse country, with major differences in the weather between regions such as British Columbia and Alberta, but the resulting damage to a building is quite consistent. Water damage accounts for 50% of condominium insurance claims, and costs an average of $25,000 per claim. Fire damage varies depending on the local fire department’s response time and the cause of the fire, except for wildfires which are exceptional. Earthquake coverage is readily available for people in British Columbia, but residents often underestimate the likelihood of a large earthquake.

To help you avoid the unpleasant experience of disruptive weather or an accident that could cause damage to your belongings, we’ve provided some regional specific blog posts and further information relating to your home city here. You can also view a selection of cities and regions that benefit the most from Leo Insurance.