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Intact Insurance

Ready for the unexpected

Fabulous Service

The last thing you should worry about is what happens when you need to make an insurance claim. After all, a major benefit of home insurance is your ongoing peace of mind.

That’s why we chose Intact Insurance. As Canada’s largest provider of home, auto, and business insurance, more people count on Intact for peace of mind than any other insurance company in Canada. We know Intact’s team will look after you and provide the best claims service in the country, backed by assistance from Leo Insurance when you need it.

Intact Insurance guarantees that a claims representative will start your claim within 30 minutes of your call. That means they’ll start the claims process and take charge of the situation. When appropriate, Intact will even mobilize employees to set up community response centres and execute emergency plans to help you get the assistance you need. In the past this has helped people caught up in events such as:

  • 2016 Wildfires in Fort McMurray
  • Hailstorm in Montérégie
  • 2012 Thunder Bay Rainstorm
  • Assisting Slave Lake Customers
  • 2010 Calgary Hailstorm
  • 2015 Coquitlam apartment fire

Repairs to your condo guaranteed for as long as you own it

Intact’s Rely Network® of professional restoration contractors works quickly to repair your home or property using quality materials. They’re so good, their work is guaranteed for as long as you own your condo.