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Condominium Home Insurance

The insurance protection for people who own and live in a condo.

Welcome to simplified condominium insurance

It is estimated that just 40% of condo home owners have the right insurance coverage. Condo insurance is more complex because you have two insurance policies; one that is arranged by the condo board (or ‘strata council’ in BC) that you pay for in your maintenance fees, and one that you need for yourself.

We’ve simplified the complexities of condo insurance because we believe it’s crucial that you have the right coverage. You should have coverage for any improvements to your unit, your personal belongings (such as furniture, clothes, and electronics), and coverage for liability. If you are found responsible for damage to other areas of your building, you may be liable to pay the deductible on your building’s insurance policy. Depending on your building, the deductible could be between $5,000 and $200,000. We highly recommend that you ask your property manager or the condominium board what the building’s deductible is so you can buy the right level of protection.

Get fast, friendly service

Our condo insurance policies are provided by Intact Insurance, Canada’s largest provider of home, auto, and business insurance. More people count on Intact for peace of mind than any other insurance company in Canada. Intact guarantees a claims representative will start a claim within 30 minutes of receiving your call.

Here’s how you’re covered:

Personal Property

We provide All Risk coverage for your contents, such as clothing, furniture, household goods, electronics, and other belongings.

Condominium Protection

We include $500,000 for coverage that is unique to condo living.

  • Upgrades made by you or previous owners.
  • Loss assessment to cover damage to your condo unit.
  • Loss assessment to cover damage to common areas.

Loss Assessment: Extension

  • Loss assessment to cover damage to the building that originates in your unit.

Water Damage & Sewer Backup

If you protect against one thing, it should be water damage. It’s the leading cause of insurance claims in condominium buildings. We include water damage and sewer backup as standard.

Earthquake Coverage

No-one wants to think about it, but earthquakes are a real danger, especially in British Columbia. Even a small earthquake can cause damage to valuable items which fall off a shelf, or a flatscreen TV that topples over.

Personal Liability Protection

Protects you against certain lawsuits and legal expenses if you are found liable for bodily injury or property damage – anywhere in the world.

Additional Living Expenses

This coverage provides financial assistance to pay for temporary accommodation, such as a hotel room or a temporary rental suite if you are displaced from your home. This is invaluable protection against accidents such as fire or water damage in your building, regardless of who is responsible for the damage.

Identity Theft

Identity theft refers to all types of crime in which someone uses your credit card, driver’s license, social insurance number or other identification to commit fraud. Get access to 24 hour guidance and advice throughout the claim process.

Why Leo?

  • Convenient monthly payments
  • Instant policy documents to download
  • 24 hour claims support
  • Expert assistance from Leo
Coverage is subject to Policy Terms, Conditions, Limitations, and Exclusions.